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    Health pharmaceutical Chen-pao Island efforts to strengthen the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine production
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    Health pharmaceutical Chen-pao Island efforts to strengthen the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine production in 2016 09, 07, 15:16 China Pharmaceutical network popularity: 12799

    The fast pace of modern life, the rapid pace of modern life, so many people feel a lot of pressure, health problems have also been concerned about. Chen-pao Island pharmaceutical Tonghua Fangtonghua chairman Fang said, to the production of health drugs requires health pharmaceutical enterprises. To this end, Chen-pao Island pharmaceutical to scientific management and the pursuit of technology to develop the domestic and foreign markets, and actively seek strategic alliances, the completion of the expansion of the scale of enterprises, industrial upgrading, sustainable development goals.

    (healthy pharmaceutical Chen-pao Island to focus on the production of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine image source: Baidu pictures)

    Premier Li Keqiang has stressed the importance of the development of traditional Chinese medicine, the cause of national medicine. Fang Tonghua also said that the internationalization of Chinese medicine rose to important strategic layout of the rise of the Chinese nation, with the state of international strategic layout, in order to "Silk Road Economic Belt, combined with the new development of the Internet", "public business everyone innovation" and other national development strategy, the use of benchmarking enterprise brands and products of traditional Chinese medicine the medicine gradually open up channels of cooperation, internationalization, the internationalization of the formation of industrial projects, to enhance the influence of Chinese medicine in the world.

    It is reported that Chen-pao Island pharmaceutical is planting and conservation of Chinese medicinal materials in science and technology, modern methods, and inherit and carry forward the innovation and development of Chinese medicine health quintessence, actively promote the development of the Chinese medicine industry as the direction. Since the establishment of Chen-pao Island Province, Heilongjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in 1996, after years of scientific management, as well as the rapid development of the company, has set up factories in Harbin, Jixi and other places. Now has formed a complete chain of pharmaceutical industry business model, set the cultivation, scientific research, production, sales in one of the modern high-tech enterprises.

    Because of the focus on product development and innovation, Chen-pao Island pharmaceutical company's products, there are 24 varieties have been included in the national health insurance directory, 7 species included in the national essential drugs list, there are 3 varieties of exclusive varieties. Companies continue to increase market development efforts, combined with traditional Chinese medicine injection safety re evaluation and standard to improve the overall promotion, further enhance the enterprise innovation ability, training a team of high-quality scientific research experts. For the comprehensive revitalization and development of national pharmaceutical industry, actively promote the Chinese medicine industry toward internationalization, with advanced management concept to participate in the national construction and the great cause of national rejuvenation, which is the treasure of pharmaceutical mission and the pursuit of the future.

    At the same time, the Chen-pao Island pharmaceutical industry has also been back to society as the enterprise responsibility and obligation, the years to the charity and social welfare organizations, and the hope project, the new rural cooperative medical career contributions. Whether it is the country's major disaster, or the outbreak of the global outbreak, are showing the figure of the Chen-pao Island people. In recent years, also actively participate in education, to help poor students to complete their studies, Chen-pao Island pharmaceutical also actively respond to poor areas of the western part of the country aid policy, and obtained by the local government and people warmly thank and praise. Actively participate in social welfare activities for enterprises to establish a good image. (source: China Network original title: run in the health of the road Chen-pao Island pharmaceutical)

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